Fredrikson Farm is located in China Village, Maine on a 70 acre parcel of land that borders the inlet to China Lake.   Fredrikson Farm is owned and operated by Ed and Dianna Fredrikson.

Many years ago when our daughters were younger we made a visit to the Windsor Fair and met an inspirational lady named Pixie Day.  She was participating in a goat show with the most  beautiful  goats we had ever seen.  We formed an instant friendship and so began our love of the Sanaan goats and Pixie Day.

We started our herd with goats purchased from Pixie and began doing the 4-H show circuit with our girls.  Each Summer our girls would wash, clip and clean our small herd and prepare for showing.  As the girls grew up and soon lost interest, our attachment to these peaceful affectionate animals grew stronger.

With the immense knowledge and enthusiasm of Pixie we decided to begin to grow our herd and dabble in some cheese making.  What we discovered along the way is how much enjoyment these goats brought to us and how rewarding it was to actually create something you could be proud to put your name on.

In 2010, we made the decision to build a new dairy.  It has been a labor of love, especially for Ed.  He not only designed, but actually built the entire dairy, in addition to working a fulltime job.  Throughout the 4 year process we have visited many goat dairy farms throughout New England in order to gain as much knowledge as we could, which would enable us to have the most efficient systems in place.  It has been quite a learning experience and we thank all the farms that have allowed us this opportunity.  A very special lady, Pixie Day was our inspiration and continues to be each day.

Currently we are making a fresh chevre'. The combination of the rich second crop grasses filled with Timothy, fescue, and clover provide for high quality milk.  That enables our Farm to make an Artisan cheese that can enhance any meal or can be enjoyed on its own. 

Our Story

Fredrikson Farm